A cinematic reminder of the beauty and power of love

Truth be told I’m not a huge lover of the subtitled cinematic experience and cringed a little when my beloved mother Gail recently asked me to accompany her to the Israeli flick, The Wedding Plan.

But I couldn’t talk myself out of this one ’cause it was part of her Mother’s Day gifts, and given that Gail’s mothering skills are through the stratosphere, there was definitely going to be a screening of this select.

And so, on the big day (yes Mother’s Day!), I armed myself with a drown-worthy tub of buttery popcorn, with a view to focusing more on food than film gratification.

And then … within a few moments of making protagonist Michal’s on-screen acquaintance, I was smitten.

Popcorn priorities were all but forgotten as Michal’s mischievous, kind eyes, irresistible, raw humour, and steadfast belief in love, partnership and marriage, captured my attention, and heart, taking me on a journey I won’t soon be forgetting, one I encourage you all to take as well, while you still have the chance (I enjoyed the comforts of the Cineplex Forum).


THE PLOT THICKENS: Without giving it all away, Michal is a young 32-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman living in Israel who deeply believes in the beauty of real love and sharing a fun and happy married life with her soulmate.

The glitsch? Like many modern day women, of all backgrounds and degrees of religiosity, she’s having a little difficulty finding said soulmate.

Even worse: When she does finally find him (with a little help from a skilled matchmaker), the found-at-last-fiancé / louse bows out a month before the wedding, leaving everything in place; venue, food, guests, dress, new home … except for him!

While most mortals would have collapsed into paroxysms of grief and sadness for who knows how long (and Michal does break your heart with her initial anguished response), she somehow manages to draw on inner reserves of strength and determination to go on with the wedding, convinced that her lord will supply a husband on the big day.

And it is precisely because of the many beautiful, funny, unexpected, and soul-replenishing happenings between her decision to soldier on and the wedding day itself, that I encourage you romantic Social Gals and Social Gents, with a yen for good movies, to see the film.

The ensemble cast, led so magnificently by Noa Kooler (Michal) with perfect script and direction by Rama Burshtein, deliver a magic movie for all, underscoring the beauty and power of faith in family, friendship, humanity, kindness, and above all, love.

As for mama Gail, she was right … again!

By Jenn Campbell

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