A mental pic on International Women's Day

So, awesome Lady O was interviewed recently on Bloomberg, asked by the correspondent if she had ever, or would ever, consider a run for the presidency. She replied with a signature glint in her eye, that she had never thought herself in possession of the lofty experience and expertise required for the highest office in the land. Indeed, like most of us mere mortals, even superhuman, super-accomplishing, mountain-moving, dream-realizing Oprah (notably known to all by one name only, a privilege enjoyed by few), was daunted by the sheer magnitude of what it must take to run the free world.

Fast forward to today, March 8th, 2017 (coincidentally International Women’s Day). How things have changed! In a post election space where fact amnesia is the new normal, 140-character tweets have become the leader of the free world’s preferred mode of communication (correction: miscommunication), and the president, aka Twittator, didn’t require any formal background or experience in politics to be elected (in fact, his legions of admirers prefer it that way), the landscape appears to be perfect for a run by 2020 presidential candidate, Oprah Winfrey.  

And, rather fabulously, ‘O’ did NOT say NO. If anything, she appeared to be mulling over the prospect, mentally analyzing it right before us and the interviewer, in that great big brain of hers, methodically contemplating if she might well have the skill-set, and mind-set, for the most impactful, challenging job on the planet.

After witnessing the rollout of the Trump presidency thus far, what, in my humble, is one of the most terrifying fates to befall humanity, I venture to say: YES! You’ve got this girlfriend! The skill, and mind, sets. In Diary speak: Let’s get the party started. 😉

Unlike this man who is clearly unfit to lead (a cursory look at his contradictory / pathological / baseless Tweets that jump, even in the course of minutes, from accusing former President Obama of wiretapping him, to giggle-gloating over his successor’s performance on the Apprentice, is sufficient evidence to convince a rational mind of his dangerous “unfitness”, let alone a comprehensive study of all the other blunders, and scandals-in-the-make, primed to make Watergate look like child’s play), Oprah has the goods. the real deal goods.

First, she’s, legitimately, an amazing businesswoman, able to helm huge corporate media entities and run them smoothly and efficiently, managing sizeable teams in the process. Moreover, being honest and honourable, she will abide by the customs respected by  all other candidates in modern history, (present Twittator excluded), and show us her tax returns (presumably not excused by a fictional forever audit), so that we might rest easy in our beds at night, knowing how legitimate she truly is.

Second, she has what Trump pretends to have in spades, and can never sustain (mainly because he fails to embody it authentically): empathy, a must for a leader of the free world. Oprah actually, sincerely cares about her fellow human beings, and has a long line of actions to support same. Legions of lives are better the world over because she communicates vital takeaway information via her many powerful platforms, conducts frequent valuable interventions, donates huge amounts of wealth to charities and charitable foundations, even created her own school for South African women, so that countless young women in that part of the globe, might enjoy invaluable opportunities to actualize their glorious potential, that would otherwise, heartbreakingly, have eluded them.

Third, ironically like Trump, she’s as charismatic as they get (an undeniable asset for politicians at all levels, especially president), but unlike him, she’s charismatic-good, and won’t be inspiring comparisons to autocrats anytime soon.

In parting, I could go on, and on, about the qualities that would qualify Oprah as an incredible president, but I won’t, given that this is just a hypothetical exercise, inspired by today’s celebration of women, one that is clearly more necessary now, in light of all the scary and crazy erupting around us. Hopefully though, the mental pic holds out some hope (what Michelle Obama, one of my greatest inspirations, warned would be in short supply, and is), for a day in the not too distant future, when we might wake up, not horrified, but conversely, exhilarated and motivated, by the election of a spectacular, history-making female president with an admirable and honest mandate for good, role model for little and big girls everywhere. Amen to that.

By Jenn Campbell

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