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Yeah, I’ve read many of the reviews for the recently released second instalment of the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James, and truth be told, they’re pretty dismal, everything from a scathing critique of the script, to harsh reviews of the acting, to complaints against insufficient foreplay (for real). They’re just as bad as the first round for the opener, Fifty Shades of Grey.

That said … I loved it anyway. 😉 In my humble, it had all the attributes of a delectable big screen guilty pleasure. Here’s why:

1. STUNNING BACKDROPS: What could possibly be bad about sweeping views of majestic skylines and vistas, and sumptuous decor? Say what you want about the moody billionaire, but Grey knows how to live, and his various work / play environments, and big boy toys, make for some pretty visually hypnotic reality escapism.



2. FINE FASH: The same can be said of the flick’s fashions. Both Christian and Anastasia (aka Ana) sport impeccable sartorials from start to finish that strike a perfect balance between classy and sexy. Their entrance into the Benefit Costume Ball, hosted by his parents, is especially breathtaking, giving Cinderella and her Charming a run for their impact-making.


3. EYE-CANDY: While I part ways with many of the critics on the performance front, finding the overall quality of it quite impressive (bravo to Kim Basinger for a captivating cameo), there’s really no dismissing the absolute beauty and fitness of the cast, particularly Ana and Christian, who, while clearly genetically gifted, were in tip-top shape as they resumed their roles. What a treat to peruse their gleaming gorgeousness on the enormous high definition screen … Almost all of it too! 😉

4. FAIRYTALENESS: Finally, as we all know firsthand, life is not a bowl of cherries, and we all confront our fair share of challenges and heartbreak along the journey. So what can be better and more fantasy-worthy than seeing a genuinely messed up man (particularly one as magnificent and naughty-sexy as Christian with so much mate potential), actually come around for his woman, chase her (as he should) in the most unrelenting romantic way, and then top it all off with the dreamiest of proposals down on one knee, in a floral-drenched chamber, replete with fireworks just outside the window?


And don’t even get me started on the apres-proposal. Grey is definitely the new black in this trilogy … 

By Jenn Campbell

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