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Though all kinds of other work stuffs were rapidly piling up, I couldn’t help but whip off a post about the season two debut of Showtime’s, in-my-humble, brilliant, hard-to-look-away-for-fear-of-missing-a-genius-moment drama, Billions. 

Starring epic talents Paul Giamatti and Brit Damian Lewis as arch rivals, the former playing messed up, sexed up U.S. attorney Chuck Rhodes, on an almost maniacal mission to take down Lewis (beyond convincing as ruthless hedge funder Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod), viewers are hooked from the  get-go, full-on intrigued by the radically different but bizarrely similiar, tortured protagonists, locked in a heated battle to “win” against the other.

Played out against a backdrop of high luxury and high fun (that so often accompanies high finance), and featuring a cast as talented and titillating as its leads, Billions is, by far, one of the most amazing things to happen to small and big screens in awhile.

And given the current cabinet picks of the new American president, many of whom are billionaire finance types themselves, the show takes on even greater relevance and allure, perhaps even lending some insight into the egos and brain manoeuverings of this fascinating finance-inclined subset?

Maybe. maybe not. Guess you’ll have to tune in and find out.  

By Jenn Campbell

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