Because well, it was inevitable.

For those who love to play in the fashion sandbox (and Social Gals and Gents do!),  we’re acutely aware of the many shiny sparkly “toys” in this magical box, from the stars of the style world (the amazing clothes themselves) to the gifted designers who create them, to the mindblowingly creative glam shows, genius fashion photographers, lush fashion mags and yes, those extraordinary creatures who glide down the runways and grace the magazine covers and pages as if they were born with the singular purpose of showcasing the sartorial mastery.

Inevitably these creatures, aka models, become stars themselves, or rather, superstars, ahem SUPERMODELS, a spot-on label for their brand of fabulous coined in the eighties when a certain gaggle of genetically spectacular gals (with sass to match) captured the imagination of  a generation. Who could forget Linda’s now legendary proclamation that getting out of bed for less than an outrageous multi-zeroed sum was simply out of the question. I did say sass!

One of the most famous members of that supermodel squad was the hottest ever girl next door (with a mole that would have its own Instagram account in 2017): CINDY CRAWFORD.

The name became synonymous with supermodel, and no one could get enough of Cindy. We still can’t. The gift that keeps on giving.

And so, it comes as no surprise that her mini-me, precious  teen daughter KAIA GERBER (product of her long and happy marriage to restaurateur Randy Gerber) is now emerging as a catwalk phenomenon in her one right, dazzling live and via every possible platform at many of the SS18 Paris, Milan, New York and London Shows for the giant likes of Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs,Versace, Moschino, Fendi, Chanel, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent Paris, and more.

While one couldn’t help but marvel at the similarities between mother and daughter, the trademark tawny beauty, the confidence, the fashitude, the obvious inheritance of the superM superCindy gene, it was clear that Kaia possessed a radiance and style all her own.

Looks like the exclusive club is welcoming another prestigious member, making the club a family affair. 😉



Special thanks to Diarysto Jessy Colucci for his research for this piece. 


By Jenn Campbell

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