As technology has moved at warped speed, it has changed every aspect of our lives including how we work out.

One phenomenon that has arguably become a staple on this front are activity trackers: those sleek little devices capable of monitoring strides, heart rates, calories burned and more, thereby providing invaluable fitness-optimizing information for workouts.

Well, guess what, fit-minded Social Gals and Gents? There’s a new player on this scene and she’s not looking to wrap around your wrist a la Apple Watches or Fitbits, Instead, she has her eye on your … finger!

Her name is Motiv Ring, and the recently released tracker works her magic in the most fashionable, discreet way yet:

Some motivating reasons to go Motiv:

  • You need not be tethered to your phone thanks to two days of onboard memory storage without syncing.
  • Motiv is the first company to fit an optical heart rate sensor into a ring this size.
  • Capitalizing on the latest Bluetooth technology, Motiv syncs with your phone with minimal drain on both your phone’s and the ring’s battery.
  • Each  well-designed waterproof ring is specifically sized for your finger, coming with a 45-day money back guarantee.

Yeah the Diary dream team has fallen for all this motiv-ation. And yeah, we’re smitten. 


By Jenn Campbell

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