Are you as fed up as I am with the chug chug chug of at least eight glasses of water a day, that’s even gotten tired and old with the addition of the bubbly version? (Yeah, I wish champagne was water too, no such luck. 😉 ).

Well guess what Social Gals and Gents? We no longer have to drown ourselves in boring agua ’cause there are some new fancy fizzies on the scene that make being good on the water consumption almost feel like being bad.

One of our flaves is Spindrift Sparkling Water:



Why all the Diary worship here?

A few key reasons:

First off, the flavouring is ahhhmmaazzziiingg and diverse, wowing devotees with lush offerings like mango, raspberry, orange, lime, cucumber and more.

Second, unlike a lot of the other percolating brands, these babies are all about the real and natural, sweetened with a splash of fruit juice as opposed to all the nasty artificial add-ins that basically kill the bod, instead of recharging it.

Third, despite the juice (sometimes a scary word for healthy eaters), calories are still incredibly low per can, ranging from 2-15 … so you’ve already burnt them off by the time you walk to the fridge for another. 😉

Finally, they’re not too crazy on the $ front, and are super-easy to find, available at major food stores like Whole Foods, Costco, and online at Amazon.

‘Course, you want to quench into a can right now. Go for it! 

By Jenn Campbell

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