I do. 15 years ago, on a girls trip to NYC, a soul sister dragged me into her favourite pet store (which admittedly was a little annoying because as much as I love animals, the mission was shoes, not fur babies.)

But then, as if destiny had waved a wand, I was suddenly struck by a feisty little fluff of a Maltese pup no larger than my palm who was hopping up and down as if propelled by jumping beans, desperate to get my attention. And did he ever! One look into those melt-all-your-defences model-worthy brown eyes, and I was smitten, putty in his tiny paws.

From that moment on, we were soulmates, rarely separated. Presley Precious Campbell, one of the coolest, funniest most fabulous humans I ever had the pleasure and privilege of knowing (except yes, he was a dog) made everything better with a wag, a trick, a face wash of kisses, and his signature puppy hugs.

In an often belly button-focused and harsh world – where some humans can be far from human, he brought the love, the laughs, the bliss.

To be in his company was everything, to be his fur mama and best friend, my honour.

Presley, there are no words for how much joy you brought to me and all lucky enough to bask in your magical orbit.

You were perfect, the loss immeasurable, a big part of my heart missing and gone forever.

May you wear your little angel wings with the same sass and spice you did all your doggie sartorials. Love you furever my king. The world will never be the same without you.

PS: There’s a reason DOG spelled backwards is …

By Jenn Campbell

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