As hinted in world Insta, I close today’s adventures with the following short poem I penned in honour of this historic #InternationalWomensDay celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, dedicating it to all women, near and far, with love, sisterhood, and an unfaltering belief in our individual and collective power as extraordinary agents of change and creativity:




Hello to you, strong brave she,

Who never lets no reign,

Who persists against every odd,

Despite adversity and pain.


Hello to you warrior of wonder

Who stays so close to dreams,

Always keeping goals in sight,

No matter how challenging they may seem.


Hello to you bright ray of light,

A friend to all in need,

Making precious lives way better,

Through your many selfless deeds.


Hello to you mother of love,

Nurturing bodies, souls and minds,

Inspiring growth and imagination

Of the most transformative kind.


Hello to you brilliant ceiling breaker,

Trailblazing paths and paving the way,

For those who will come after,

Taking things even higher, we pray 

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY everyone! Power to better days ahead. Stay tuned for this week’s #COVIDCLARITY #LIFELESSON 5, launching soon …. And please reach out re: this poem and any other shares you have in mind. Love connecting.


By Jenn Campbell

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