Why you'll fall in foodie love here too

Walking into Le Bremner is like walking into your living room. That is, if your living room is filled with sexy waiters and bartenders, delicious cocktails, endless playlists of eighties rock and nineties hip-hop, and out-of-this-world food. Established in 2011 by the foodie masterminds behind acclaimed Montreal hotspot, Garde Manger (more about them rockstars momentarily), Le Bremner is one of those dine destinations that is not only effortlessly cool but always guarantees a good time.



First off, the menu, spearheaded by celebrity chef – and Top Chef season three runner-up – DANNY SMILES, features seasonal dishes that brilliantly fuse American comfort, Danny’s Italian background and love for traditional Italian cuisine, and last but so not least, (lots!) of seafood (OYSTERS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER. 😉 )

Another signature dish that never fails to impress is the Lamb Neck Cavatelli, one of their most popular items, remaining on the menu year-round. I know what you’re thinking – lamb neck, whaaaaat?!! Let me tell you something: that lamb neck! MELTS. IN. YOUR. MOUTH. As someone who is ridiculously particular with her meat, trust me on this: Le Bremner’s Lamb Neck Cavatelli is one for the books!


If you’re lucky enough to perch at the bar, then you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to get to know two of the most personable and hilarious men behind it: VITO CIOCCA and ANTHONY “TEETZ” PECORARO. The bartending power pair can charm any crowd and, on top of creating delectable cocktails (all produced with homemade juices and tonics), will easily keep you laughing and joking ‘til closing!


 Finally – the atmosphere. Because the Le Bremner vibe is so relaxed and laid-back, you can literally go there in jeans, sneakers, and a touque. Anything goes! It also helps that on many nights, you’ll be lucky enough to spot co-owner and celebrity chef CHUCK HUGHES, who let’s be honest Social Gals and Gents, is a badass superchef who also makes for some great eye candy! 😉


 So whether you’re looking for a tranquil dinner during the week or to kick off a wild weekend, Le Bremner has it ALL: mouthwatering food, drink, music and let’s not forget, crrazzyy premium oysters … Happy Bremnering!


COCKTAILS: The Annette, The Old Fashioned

APPETIZERS: Tuna Tahini, Lobster Labneh

MAIN COURSES: Lamb Neck Cavatelli,,

DESSERT: Homemade Pancakes



 Address: 361 St Paul E.

Phone number: 514.544.0446

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday: 6pm – closing

Website: www.crownsalts.com/lebremner


For reservations, call 514.544.0446 or book on www.getdinr.com

By Jenn Campbell

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