One of the things that’s become a mainstay of living through a pandemic is the trend towards athleisure and loungewear. I mean really, what tight fitting hot frock are we sporting to the sofa tonight to catch the latest in Bridgerton sizzle? ( though the situation would admittedly be different if the delectable Simon were making a house call!)

That said, what if we could still be fabulously glam in Sofa Gal mode (as I’ve come to call it) without having to compromise the freedom and ease of cozy clothes?

Well, guess what? We can!

Thanks to supremely talented Dallas-based Lindsey McClain and Jamie Coulter, the power gal duo behind celebrity loved La Vie Stylehouse, kaftans have been reinvented and are cool (kool?!) again, routinely draped over the fine frames of A-listers like Teigen and Perry.

In fact, they recently unveiled their latest collection on Matches.com, a curated selection of feminine kaftans and kimono-inspired dresses designed to take you seamlessly from day to night

For a fun representative sample, see below.

For more, hop to the site. 

Happy lounging ….


By Jenn Campbell

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