Cheval Blanc, Paris.
Le Royal Monceau, Paris.

Trend #1: Set Jetting

Who didn’t add Sicily to their bucket list after its stunning appearance in The White Lotus? The phenomenon of set jetting, where travellers are inspired by film and television to visit destinations featured on screen, takes centre stage in 2024.

Escape to…

Paris: In 2024, the City of Lights shines even brighter, fueled not only by the excitement of the Olympics but also by anticipation of the fourth season of Emily in Paris. Amidst the iconic landmarks and chic boulevards, Le Royal Monceau hotel beckons with its timeless elegance and unparalleled service, while Cheval Blanc stands out as a new icon. No detail was overlooked in this ultra-luxury, Seine-facing property by LVMH group.

Cheval Blanc, Paris.

Chicago: Boasting a culinary scene thrust in the spotlight by award-winning binge-worthy show The Bear, Chicago makes for a prime foodie get-away that does not disappoint. Windy city epicurean favourites include Michelin-starred fine dining establishments like Alinea and Smyth as well as casual gems like Ghin Khao and Luella’s Southern Kitchen. Book a stay at Nobu Hotel Chicago, which scores top marks for amenities and dining (from the ground floor signature restaurant to the mezzanine sushi bar and buzzy 11th-floor rooftop).

Rooftop, Nobu Hotel Chicago.
Nobu Restaurant, Nobu Hotel Chicago.

Thailand: Renowned for its picturesque land- scapes and vibrant culture, Thailand is emerging as a new luxury hot spot—especially since news broke that the latest installment of The White Lotus series is partially filmed at The Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. The allure of luxurious waterfront villas amidst the backdrop of tropical scenery is proving irresistible, and savvy travellers are visiting now to beat the crowds.

The Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, Thailand.
Beautiful vista views, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, Thailand.

Trend #2: Train Travel

For those looking to slow down and enjoy the journey, the charm of train travel has serious allure. Step into old-world glamour the moment you board these luxury sleeper trains.

Escape to…

Italy, via La Dolce Vita: This ultra-luxury Italian train promises an experience as sweet as its name suggests, with design-focused interiors that evoke 1960s Italy. Food and wine offerings are equally impressive, from the “Grand tour of Italy” breakfast to the curated Aperitivo. Choose from eight itinerary options to explore destinations such as the Italian Alps, Venice, Tuscany and Palermo.

Design focused interiors beckon aboard La Dolce Vita, Italy.
La Dolce Vita, Italy.

Japan, aboard the Shiki-shima: Guests can’t help but be immediately smitten by refined interiors imbued with multiple nods to traditional Japanese design, in addition to the unparalleled hospitality of an impeccable team. Every moment aboard the Shiki-shima is next-level. Traverse Japan’s countryside, from lush forests to ancient temples, with stops at traditional hot springs, artisan markets or UNESCO sites (depending on the itinerary).

The Shiki-shima, Japan.

Southeast Asia, aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express: On a relaunched route that first ran 30 years ago, embark on a three-night trip initiated in Singapore that winds through the jungles of Malaysia, stopping for excursions like exploring Paneng Island or snorkeling on a private beach. Evenings are perfect for mingling with other guests at the piano bar, cocktail in hand, before retiring to your ultra-plush cabin (each one oozes vintage opulence, with velvet upholstery and polished wood paneling).

The Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express.

Trend #3: The Comeback Trip

Certain destinations have become symbols of resilience. In 2024, the trend of visiting recovering areas translates to supporting local communities while experiencing the timeless beauty and culture that these spots are known for.

Escape to…

Maui, Hawaii: After last year’s wildfires, the island is reopened for tourism, making now a perfect time to visit its pristine beaches, rainforests, and hidden waterfalls. Book a stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, for a luxury oceanfront retreat on Maui’s northwest coast, where a morning swim practically guarantees mingling with sea turtles and colourful fish.

Aerial views wow at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Maui.
The pool at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua, Maui.

Morocco: Post-earthquake, Morocco is ready to welcome those looking to explore its bustling markets and charming medinas, and new non-stop flights from Canada have made it a popular 2024 destination. The Royal Mansour Marrakech has a collection of 53 gorgeous riads, many with their own private pools, hammams and rooftop patios (with prime views of the Atlas Mountains).

Banyan tree at entrance of The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Maui.

Trend #4: Expanding Itineraries

Consider it a trip within a trip: travellers are prolonging their journeys to uncover hidden gems beyond the beaten path. Whether by regional flight or scenic drive, venturing beyond the borders of major cities lets you change scenery and discover new corners.

Escape to…

Alentejo, Portugal: Enjoy Lisbon’s undeniable charm, before taking a short drive to the Alentejo region to discover a postcard-worthy landscape of Roman ruins, whitewashed buildings, cork forests and vineyards. For an authentic stay, book a room at the luxurious Convento do Espinheiro, housed in a former 15th-century convent.

Poolside at Convento do Espinheiro, Portugal.

Mendoza, Argentina: Buenos Aires pulsates with big-city energy, but a two-hour flight to Mendoza highlights Argentina’s diverse natural beauty. In Mendoza, the heart of the country’s wine country, vineyard retreats such as Susana Balbo Winemaker’s House combine award-winning wines and breathtaking scenery.

Hospitality is warm at Susana Balbo Winemaker’s House, Mendoza, Argentina.
Susana Balbo Winemaker’s House, Mendoza, Argentina.

Andalusia, Spain: After visiting Barcelona, take a short flight to the Andalusia region to wander the narrow streets of Seville’s historic neighborhoods and admire the Moorish architecture of Granada. Book a room at La Bobadilla, A Royal Hideaway Hotel, a five-star Granada resort surrounded by olive groves and mountains that will make you wonder why return tickets are even a thing…

La Bobadilla, A Royal Hideaway Hotel.
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