1. What makes a great drag queen?

What makes a great drag queen for me is the expression of  the art-form in a way that is truly reflective of an artist’s true self. To elaborate, I find that drag can be very general because of the existence of so many kinds of drag and styles, from king, queen, creature and more. Ultimately, It’s the ability to make your style and impression different and special that counts. And yes, practice makes perfect 😉.”


  1. Have you always loved performing on stage?

“Mostly yes! Of course there are off days and weird moments but the stage is where I feel my work is validated. It’s a place where the attention I never knew I needed gives me a new set of wings to express myself.”


  1. How do you deal with the constant need for elaborate makeup and hair accoutrements?

“To be honest, it just comes naturally now. Initially it was more challenging because nobody’s   perfect, at first. There’s a lot of makeup necessary too and wigs can get slippery and tough to keep on. Now though, it’s like riding a bicycle (laughs). Practice makes perfect! Also, wig glue is essential, as is getting the right kind of makeup for your specific skin texture.”

By Jenn Campbell

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