You wanna chug this.

Sitting beside me right now is a blend of teas I’ve become rather fond of: a trio of Ginger, Echinacea and Green.

A creature of habit, I’ve been chugging this combo for awhile now, and can proclaim with confidence that the results have been positive, and then some.

I mean really, how can you lose, given the power pack of naturally derived benefits including purification, detoxing, and weight management?

That said, no matter how routine a Social Gal or Gent can get, (even in a good way), there’s always room for new teas on the block (hee on wordplay), especially when the press and reviews are up there, like they are for this sippy superstar: SIGMA CHAGA MUSHROOM TEA. 

Packed with the trending Chaga shrooms touted as the king of medicinal mushrooms, the blend promises to do astoundingly solid things for immune-boosting, replenishing all kinds of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Meet the Chaga!

The only negative? The higher price tag.

But hey, quality costs, loves, and there’s surely no better investment than the temple, right? 😉 So, I’ll be doing some quality Chaga chugging. Stay tuned for the debrief!


By Jenn Campbell

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