In life, you gotta have your “people”, both in the professional world and personal. And when I use the term, I mean not only “people” who are really good at what they do – a must on the professional front – but those who value “showing up,” and understand its inherent value as one of the most important qualities on the planet.

Which brings me to “my person” on the tanning front (who has, since, also become a treasured sister). In a climate where global warming is ironically culminating in some of the most brutal winters and fall seasons we’ve ever encountered – and grey is the new norm as a favoured hue of Mama Nature’s – it’s increasingly more challenging to grab a few rays of light that might lend a rosy glow, and dose some much-needed Vitamin D.

Plus, truth be told, and at this point we all know it, even when the sun is more potent and readily available, only a well-protected amount is ok, given the dangers re: skin cancer and yes, on a more superficial plane, the speeding up of wrinkles and icky dry and sun-spotted skin.

So what’s a golden glow-loving Social Gal or Gent to do?

Call on my person in this glow-enhancing sphere: the one, the only CRYSTAL ESTEVEZ: bronzing queen at NOUV TANNING (her team is killer too).

Not only does this multitasking whiz of a mom – and her equally talented spray  bronzers – whisk into your space on your schedule (saving coveted time and unnecessary travel) with all her product and tanning paraphernalia in hand (including a cool tanning tent so you make no mess in your orderly clean hive), she (and they) are so fast you’ll marvel over the new minutes drying “go and glow” in your world!

Good-bye drab and green, hello radiant glow queen!

Moreover, unlike other companies that claim they’re healthy/natural, her products (created by the masters at SUNNATANreally are boasting ingredients as pure and close to nature as you can get, minus the numerical stuff that gets dicey.

In fact, as explained by this tanning aficionado (who did copious research before launching her Montreal-based biz), anything that tans you an insanely dark colour (out of fashion anyway) contains the bad stuff, which not only clogs pores, leading to breakouts and blemishes for many, but could well play a much worse role in causing more severe health conditions, given their toxicity.

Oh, and, if you relish a perfectionist who won’t leave your house without ensuring that every slice of you is well-covered and sculpted (she’s a wonder with that spray machine, accenting abs, and creating flattering slimming contours, where there are none), Crystal and her team are “your people.”

To learn more or spray some of the fab before your next big event, party, dinner, wedding etc, go to NOUVTANNING.COM. 


By Jenn Campbell

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