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Yes it’s the era of  juicing and smoothing (now a verb). To maximize the benefits of that experience, we’ve teased out three important morsels to keep in mind. Enjoy. 

1. First, go easy on the smoothie fruit component and be careful which fruit babies you choose. Fruit can still be high in sugars, albeit of the natural variety, and provoke unwanted spikes in blood sugar that you definitely don’t want to be experiencing mid-day when energy is supposed to be at its peak, along with job performance! Accordingly, look predominantly for low glycemic (GI) options (though a small percentage of medium GI choices like bananas, pineapples and mangoes are ok in moderation) that are chock full of nutrients and good stuff but easy on the BS (blood sugar people, what were you thinking?! ) like: pears, grapefruit, apples, kiwi, oranges, strawberries and plums.

2. Second, when it comes to green; go BIG and go MEAN! A really effective green smoothie that goes the distance for your temple loads up on alkalizing greens. Think 60 – 80% of the mix. For the more daring among you, who really want to max out the smoothie’s potential, jump on the kale, collard greens (stems removed) fennel, parsley, celery and lettuces of the red, green and butter variety. For the more conservative crew not yet ready to power out the pungents, start slower with the neutral-tasting romaine and spinach; still effective but more palatable. A combo of the two gangs works well too.

3. Third, don’t forget to toss in some solid protein (we love the Vegan varieties like VEGA), good fats including Diary Fave Coconut Oil (a tablespoon does wonders for everything and adds a hint of the tropical) and fine fiber like flax seed, another preferred option, with uh side cleansing benefits that are particularly desirable if a tight LBD or suit need be sported for an upcoming engagement of import. TMI? Perhaps but again, caring is sharing. 😉

So, there you have em Social Gals and Gents. Three choice morsels. Happy smoothies. Bottoms up.

By Jenn Campbell

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