But do be discriminating darlings

According to a recent German study, dieters placed on a low-carbohydrate regimen supplemented by daily doses of 1 and 1/2 ounces of superdark chocolate lost more poundage and were happier campers than non choco-chomping counterparts.

Part of the explanantion lies in the fact that not only does the the right kind of chocolate (see below) contain compounds that can improve and enhance mood but, in such a context, the daily cocoa fix acts as a reward, thereby counteracting feelings of deprivation, clarified study author (and Diary new bestie) JOHANNES BOHANON, Ph.D and director of the Institute of Diet and Health.

To maximize the health and weight management benefits of your daily deliciousness, stock up on organic chocolate containing a minimum of 81 percent cocoa. We love Green and Black’s Dark 85% option. It’s silky, smooth and not too overpowering.

Some extra tried & true Diary tricks: For uber sweet tooths, toss on a little stevia. This naturally sweet scenario works even better when the chocolate is melted and used as a dipper for a small bowl of your favourite fruit (again, go for the organic and as local-as-possible varieties).

Germany, you’re A.O.K. Keep up the good work. 😉

By Jenn Campbell

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