When you walk inside the Grand Salon of Maison Principale, it’s impossible not to get swept up in the grandeur.

It could be the 42-foot-high cathedral white walls and ceilings. Or perhaps it’s the 15 shimmering crystal chandeliers, which weigh about 60 pounds each. There’s also the incredible history packed into every molding and detail in this century-old building. Most likely, it’s all of the above.

Located in St-Henri in the former St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Maison Principale combines the grandiosity of a legacy building, cutting-edge innovations in event planning, and world-class hospitality to create a truly singular experience. There’s an inescapable feeling inside Maison Principale’s walls, but according to indomitable Head of Operations Gabriella Gullotti, it’s also the perfect blank canvas.

“There’s no limit to what we can do,” Gullotti says during an interview from Le Mignon, the two-level event space inside the venue (which formerly housed the church presbytery) that’s perfect for gatherings or cocktails. “Whether it’s a wedding, gala, community event, fundraiser, holiday party, or Bar Mitzvah, this is a majestic space. It’s the only way to describe it. It’s a unique venue that sparks the imagination every time.”

Unforgettable Weddings and so Much More

It’s the calm before the storm as Gullotti is set to embark on another jam-packed summer wedding season, but the eminently experienced Head of Operations is as unflappable as ever. She credits her team, including Lead Venue Coordinator Natasha Marvento, for keeping the ship running smoothly as they prepare for the busy months.

That being said, with 85–100 events annually, Maison Principale doesn’t really have much downtime. And when Gullotti and her team aren’t planning the perfect soirée for their guests, they’re working on new ways to deliver unforgettable experiences in the future.

But back to the breathtaking Grand Salon. One thing that separates the space, which can accommodate up to 450 guests, from many other renovated historical buildings is that there are no pillars beyond the mezzanine.

Entering the Next Phase of Luxury

MAGJUSJEN Real Estate Holdings, owner of Maison Principale since 2022, forms part of the group that encapsulates the LORENZETTI brand. They have invested heavily in renovating and modernizing the building, which was originally constructed in 1923, and have also committed to bringing the venue into a new phase of luxury and service with state-of-the-art additions that include permanent video mapping for jaw-dropping projections on the beautiful white walls.

“This space has been transformed in so many ways. We’ve seen modern, traditional, full-on floral extravaganzas, events with only candles, and now video mapping,” Gullotti says.

Add in delectable catering from Traiteur Brera and exquisite bar services from Brahm Mauer, and there’s really no stone that is left unturned by Maison Principale when it comes to creating the perfect occasion.

Maison Principale Starts with a First-Class Team

Unforgettable moments at the space have showcased many stunning events, including the 5th annual Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation Gala (held last fall), MAGJUSJEN Entertainment’s sold-out dinner-and-a-play production of 12 Angry Jurors (this past May), directed by Vittorio Rossi, and the annual Kids 4 Kids Foundation Gala, raising money for kids with cancer. Maison Principale was even the site of a viral wedding featured in the New York Times.

The uniqueness of each event is what Gullotti loves most about working at Maison Principale.

“I’m a people person at heart,” said Gullotti. “I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with a fantastic in-house team full of amazing people. Being able to work with this team and witness people’s happiest moments in life is something that motivates me every morning when I come to work. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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