Many of you know her as Katia Piccolino, the constantly in motion, make it happen Director of Sales and Marketing/PR for our precious bijou, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Despite the name and the stature (your hands can easily wrap around the model-sized waist with room to spare lol), she’s also one of the biggest forces of connectivity I know, brilliantly linking people from all arenas to achieve great things, a definite asset when planning and pulling off one of F1’s most beloved party experiences, year after year. (Met Ball, be scared.) We recently connected with the busy marketing professional (who also has her own company, aptly called KP-LINX) to get her exclusive input on bringing an event of this calibre into the Party City’s partyshere.

Katia Piccolino, Director of Sales and Marketing/PR for the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Dress DRESS SCOOP (L.V. Couture). Jewellery MESSIKA (Bijouterie Italienne).

Team Spirit

First off, it’s all about the team. Loyalty and passion are the backbones of this event. Year after year, we continue to take on another edition and rise to the challenge, predominantly because we do it as a cohesive unit, inspiring each other to raise the bar. Over the past decade, we’ve managed to build a strong network of dedicated players and now know what to do, from logistics and planning down to the nitty-gritty. I must say it’s also very gratifying to empower new creative forces and watch them shine.

Lead Time is Everything

The minute one edition ends, the creative juices for the subsequent one start to flow. We actually begin securing sponsorships and partnerships in the early fall to allow ample time to build those relationships and incorporate new creative ideas into the next event.

Profile photography JOHN KENNEY. Event photography EDMOND CHUNG

The Devil’s in the Details, but so is the Dazzle

Given that we’re presenting an F1 event for one of the world’s most recognizable luxury hospitality brands, there really is no room for error, and every detail counts. The goal is always to create a unique signature Ritz-Carlton experience in keeping with the world-class hotel’s elevated standards.

Fast Problem Solving in the Moment

Everything’s happening in real time, so anything can happen and often does! This is when gratitude for an amazing fast-acting and problem-solving team comes into play. Through the years, we’ve seen it all; from a main speaker blowing just prior to opening doors to last-minute layout changes to broken glasses, it’s never a dull moment, and we never know what unexpected “surprises” will come our way.

Self Care is a Must

Finally, it’s about taking care of yourself too and embracing the right health, fitness, and wellness regimen because how else can you take care of your family and work family if you’re not giving yourself 100 percent?! I’m a very energetic person by nature, but I still find it so difference-making to work out every day—a must for clearing my mind and maintaining focus, especially in crunch time when I’m juggling it all!

For more on Katia and the Ritz Grand Prix Party, visit ritzcarlton.com.

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