Ok so it’s totally not a regular Valentines Day and we’re all still living in a surreal place that even professional Sci-Fi scribes would have enormous difficulty conjuring up. Moreover, in many locales across the globe – where restrictions are still very much in place – we’re likely not going anywhere except the living room, and many are also spending it solo.

How to make it better when the Galantines party is pared down to just a few – or you – minus the fluff and fab of pre-pandemic life?

GO FOR THE FRIES! But the ones we’re advocating below, where you actually binge and get very carb happy while doing little to no damage to the waistline.

Truth be told, we, in world Diary, eat these fry babies almost daily and uh, lose weight.

So no, they won’t fix everything, but physique friendly fries are def a very fine partner on a challenging V-Day.



  • Two potatoes of choice including sweet potatoes
  • Preferably organic (figure two per person)



  • Scrub potatoes with skin
  • Pat dry
  • Cut in wedges (roughly 8 per potatoe)
  • Place on parchment
  • Heat oven to 425 degrees
  • Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until lightly golden


Garnish with favourite seasonings, salt, ketchup, mustard etc but be careful to stick to more conservative amounts, ie a tablespoon of each. 




By Jenn Campbell

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