Once upon a time there was this funny little onion with loads of energy (ahem Jennergy) who, fired up on a seemingly interminable supply of FOMO, stiletto-hopped from event to event in her life (fortunately her professional focus demanded the coverage of gala events and grand openings, how convenient) often sporting a deer-in-headlights demeanor, frantic that she wasn’t everywhere, covering it all, reporting it all, doing it all … !!

When she wasn’t rushing round to galas, openings and launches, wildly snapping photos of the who’s who and dressed to the elevens (true but funny sidebar: she would have nightmares about a “Who are you wearing” question monster taunting her to death on a suitably crimson carpet), you could find her working the phones a la Ari on Entourage, rocking new partnerships for the luxury lifestyle magazine and website (aptly titled Diary Of A Social Gal) and setting up the next big meetings, which she rushed to with similar gusto, determined that the subsequent edition exceed impossibly high expectations, especially her own.

Any gaps in this already action-packed clearly unhealthy all-encompassing day/night work/life routine (which left little room for nurturing relationships with friends and /or love interests) were filled with hours of screen time, pounding out the best possible high-quality publications she could, seeking perfection at all costs, squeezing out the best of her team. I mean really, how bad could a few cigarettes a day be (ok 8-10 which does arguably qualify as half a pack of the buggers emblazoned with charcoal black lungs warning of early death). And sleep deprivation wasn’t really an issue, was it? Didn’t all creatives who left imprints on this planet worth a damn have to sacrifice sleep for spectacular? Better than an ear non?!

But worse than the obvious damage this seemingly over-the-top protagonist in an over-the-top chick lit novel or dramedy was inflicting on herself (yes, you may have guessed by now: she is me!), was the toll it was taking on her (my) soul. You see, she (I) didn’t know it at the time, so complete was the immersion, but while the bod – and mind –  were in constant motion, whirring about at the speed of light, awash in thought overload, I had lost a really important ingredient in all of this: myself.

Enter another of those precious pandemic silver linings: A much needed but long neglected opportunity to reconnect and rediscover who I really am, the person behind the pace, the party; the sacred part of ourselves that so often gets lost in the wild of life and the many roles inflicted on us by society, and, then, sadly, by ourselves. Exhibits A, B,C, and D in my case: polished society columnist, on-trend gal about town, ambitious publisher, determined entrepreneur …

You get it. I had slowly but surely let ambition and professional goals take up the reins of my life and to a rather scary extent lost sight of the person within, the one I have now thankfully reconnected and rebonded with and who I hope to stay exceptionally close to on the other side of lockdown life because she’s actually a far better version of the robotic stressed-out crazy-gal-on-autopilot that I had become.

She (I) actually takes the time to breathe, to live the moments we can never take back, to laugh from the belly, to slow it all the eff down, to interrupt the writing of this latest lesson with a long and gratifying look outside the window at the snow falling lightly to the ground, coating it in layers of glistening powder, turning trees into enchanting natural candelabras, inspiring a level of such profound joy, relaxation and beauty that no amount of rat racing could ever possibly match it …

If only she (I) had known then how far away from myself I had grown …

To this end, some introductions are in order. I’d like you to meet some new “friends” I’ve met along the way that have greatly enhanced this vital journey back to … me. In fact, truth be told I could never have made the progress thus far without them and their keen and brilliant insights, invaluable shares and empowering, liberating tools and resources.

So, without further ado, please meet the incomparable Michael A. Singer, celebrated author of the bestselling Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment. Thanks to his books, I started to understand the very real dynamic and danger of an overactive mind and the grave importance of creating some distance from and quieting it, not to mention the transformative things that happen when you lessen the control freak tendencies and allow a more passive life surrender to take hold …

Next, I’d like to present the long revered beloved doctor and spiritualist, Deepak Chopra author of countless award-winning tomes and pioneering initiatives (available on his many platforms) including my current faves, the book Meta Human: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential, and Meditation and Daily Breath podcasts. All have offered keen insights into how essential it is to understand the difference between our physical, mental and real selves while providing truly wonderful meditations and exercises in mindfulness that have taken my constantly chattering mind to far better places of calm and serenity, facilitating a healthier, more enjoyable and present life.

Finally, I’d like to round off the soul revealing and affirming new “friend circle” with a nod to a few other remarkables who have contributed immeasurably to my reacquaintance with and reactivation of myself: the stunning Eckhart Tolle who in his A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose lays it all out there and makes you realize how lethal the ego and how critical the now; the incredibly intuitive Gabrielle Bernstein who in her Judgment Detox delivers a whole other level of conscious living; the deliciously plain speaking Mark Manson who page after page in his The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck highlights exactly what and who matter in this world; and yes, last but so far from least, the Queen herself, Oprah Winfreywhose Super Soul Sunday podcast never ceases to inspire, as she trots out thought leader after thought leader, including many of the aforementioned gurus, who continuously offer up nuggets of wisdom and priceless ways to stay tied to you, the raw and real edition.

OK now what? The end? Happily ever after? Have I magically morphed into a spiritual sage floating above the stresses of life like some otherworldly cherubic being? For those of you who know me well, you’re laughing so hard right now, you’re crying lol! Short answer: hard NO! But I have let go of a lot of the FOMO that drove me BC (before coronavirus) along with the constant need for speed and go go go.  And I have gotten very close to and down with the me who’s cool with POMO (the pleasures of missing out) and who still can’t stop savouring the gifts of that snowfall outside my widow …


Did I touch something in you? Move you in some way? if so, please be sure to reach out via [email protected], or shoot me a DM on Instagram. Also be sure to check out the other lessons in this series right here on the site along with other companion material on Instagram, including an IGTV series reading the lessons aloud. LOVE to hear from you, warms the soul. Much xxx  

By Jenn Campbell

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