With the opportunity for profound contemplation rapidly expanding during world Covid (especially in my case where the main focus of the brand, social life, was effectively cancelled), one thing that started to occupy my thoughts was passion, or rather, how the onset of the pandemic had seriously compromised mine, and when I say passion, I’m speaking in even grander terms than the chemical side of human interaction; honing in more exactly on the all-consuming capital P brand of PASSION that makes this journey worth pursuing …

Of course, it made sense that my passion (dare I extrapolate and say many people’s passions) diminished in the face of the horrors and uncertainty of the pandemic, because really how could it not?!

As we watched (and sadly continue to watch) the daily case counts and devastating loss of human life rise in numerous parts of the globe and consume unimaginably heartbreaking images of goodbyes and families decimated (the current situations in India and Brazil are particularly shocking), it’s pretty hard to concentrate and stay sane, let alone keep the fires burning in the belly!

And speaking of concentration, the data bears me out; several comprehensive studies conducted at the height of the pandemic in the US last year underscored the very real challenge mounting numbers of us were having just staying focused, accomplishing relatively simple tasks. One relevant anecdote talked of a teacher who was ultimately forced to take a leave of absence because correcting papers had become her Everest.

Yes, the stress of our new abnormal had become too great, getting to us in myriad ways, from reduced concentration to an overall crisis of mental health and well-being.

Passion was out, displaced by the far more congenial coping mechanisms of lethargy and apathy, trending so big across the planet that sofas became night and day destinations, sweats our preferred mode of dress, binging-watching and eating activities of choice. There’s a reason records were broken on the streaming and hoodie fronts … !!

It was against this surreal backdrop that  I emerged as a “quarantine queen”, if you will, my former seemingly limitless “Jennergy” now, more often than not, obscured by a prevailing desire to do the big sweet “eff all”, deeming getting out of bed an accomplishment and crowning 2 p.m. the new 8 p.m.! Dinner at 5? Bring it I would exclaim (and I mean bring it as in deliver it to me on the couch so I can chomp while I binge, rocking a whole new genre of multitasking!)

Truth be told, this type of existing/coping carried on for a good while (as I took the art of doing nothing to unexpected heights, becoming an expert in the field) but with the advent of spring and some renewed sense of hope for humanity and the planet thanks to the miracle of vaccines (see last week’s companion lesson on hope for more background there), little sparks of the former full-fledged full-flamed passion started to manifest, to cameo, to interrupt the lassitude.

I could literally feel myself coming back to life after the lengthy hibernation (or in this instance “Jennbernation!”) slowly recharging, reigniting the journey once again (at least from sofa to desk lol!) to make some magic, share some stories, reconnect, sit down here on the weekly and power up this series which I sincerely hope has brought some element of comfort and joy because that was the purpose!

In short, the capital P was returning, and continues to do so, thank the lord, because really, where are we, what are we, without a few solid dollops of passion?!!!

The dictionary defines Passion as “a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something, ranging from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause to enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest or activity; to strong attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person.”

Aka …  LIFE!

To be passionate about something, someone, whatever it or who may be, is in my humble to feel alive, to be alive, to tap into an energy and in-the-moment joy and bliss that often defies description … even for a writer with vivid imagination! 😉

Another fabulous side benefit of passion?

It tends to beget more passion and be contagious to others, so pure in its essence that they too can’t help but feel it deeply and be inspired to embrace some on their side as well, which can only make for a better world!

We’ve heard talk of the roaring twenties a century ago, bizarrely right after the last global pandemic of similar epic proportions to this one, a period of prosperity that was nothing if not passionate (Flapper that!)

And so, what I wish for us all as we start to move forward, at last, to the other side of such unspeakably difficult times is a fresh twenties roaring with a passion commensurate with that of its antecedent 100 years ago.

May we not only have a renewed appreciation for the precious freedoms we once took for granted and this magnificent earth we’re so privileged to inhabit but allow passion in all its majesty to fuel our journey, our moments, our existence …




That’s it for now my friends. I say good bye until we meet again next week. Don’t dare be a stranger! I’d love to hear your passionate views and thoughts on point, wink! For more lessons, see earlier posts here and on social media.

By Jenn Campbell

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