For renowned entrepreneur Barry F. Lorenzetti and wife Carine Watier-Lorenzetti, combining their passions under one brand, LORENZETTI, isn’t just a family affair, it’s about an iconic Montreal power couple cementing a lasting legacy for the city they love.

LORENZETTI brings together the six companies that comprise the family office under a single entity. It starts, most notably, with the Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation, which is committed to improving mental health care in Canada. The LORENZETTI brand also includes newspaper The Montrealer, luxury event venue Maison Principale, iconic eatery Ristorante Da Vinci on Bishop Street, theatre and film production company MAGJUSJEN Entertainment, as well as their real estate arm, MAGJUSJEN Real Estate Holdings.

Iconic Montreal power couple Barry F. Lorenzetti and wife Carine Watier-Lorenzetti, cementing a lasting legacy for the city they love. Pictured with Berlin (on the floor), and Portia (seated).

Coming Together Under One Umbrella Brand

So why bring all these incredible endeavours under one roof?

“That’s what we wanted to do going forward,” says Lorenzetti from their magnificent family office on Doctor Penfield. “We’re always revisiting how we do things and looking for ways to do them more effectively. It’s all about branding.”

If owning a majestic venue, a restaurant, and a newspaper sounds like an eclectic mix, it speaks to how the Lorenzetti family chooses projects that speak to the heart, not just the balance sheet. Each entity has its own unique backstory of how it came into the fold. Ristorante Da Vinci, for instance, just happened to be Barry Lorenzetti and his son Justin’s favourite spot for dinner before a hockey game, so when a chance to save the beloved restaurant from condo developers arose, Lorenzetti jumped at the opportunity to keep the tradition alive.

“We discuss these opportunities as a family” Lorenzetti says. “It starts with our Chief of Staff Susan Dabrowski, and then Carine and I will discuss the options, and eventually every- one in the family will participate and offer their input. We want to be fair. We’re always looking to support English and French institutions.”

Mountain-moving Chief of Staff Susan Dabrowski.

A Major Force in Raising Funds for Mental Health Initiatives

For Barry Lorenzetti, the Foundation that bears his name remains most near and dear to him. Earlier this year, his daughter, Dr. Maggie Lorenzetti Dorfman, a clinical neuropsychologist, took on the role of Foundation President. “I look forward to combining my passions of philanthropy and clinical care in increasing access to mental healthcare, all while working alongside family” said Dr. Lorenzetti Dorfman.

“The Foundation will always be the focal point,” Lorenzetti says, adding that the sixth annual gala will be happening in September. “As a private Foundation, we’ve been able to raise significant dollars for mental health care in Canada.”

The Foundation recently hit the ice at the Bell Centre for the star-studded Foundation Cup against Quebec celeb power couple Louis Morissette and Véronique Cloutier’s Foundation (Fondation Véro & Louis), who raise funds for housing for autistic adults. The first edition was a smashing success.

“We’re looking forward to making this an annual event,” Lorenzetti says.

The Foundation Cup was also a rare instance where Lorenzetti—a noted collector of classic cars—wasn’t in the driver’s seat.

“I was next to (former Montreal Canadien) Chris Nilan on the bench. Chris said, ‘sit there, do nothing,’” Lorenzetti says with a laugh. Even if his hockey career never panned out, Lorenzetti never lost his love for the game. He’s been involved in Hockey Canada for over 25 years and is currently working on an Assist Fund campaign in Montreal that brings much-needed financial assistance to underprivileged kids.

“Sometimes we’re behind the scenes, but there are also things in this city that are important to us, and that’s the tradition of institutions. Progress is fine, but people need to come first.”

A Passion for Helping Veterans

Carine Watier-Lorenzetti has found a labour of love of her own in The Pepper Pod, a retreat for women Veterans in Chelsea, Quebec. The organization supports women Veterans transitioning out of the military or RCMP into civilian life.

“I wanted to get involved and do some volun- teer work,” Watier-Lorenzetti explains. “I was recently certified as a health coach and thought it would be a good fit. When they saw my educational background, they said, ‘we don’t want you to come down and cut trees; we want you to prepare health sessions for our Veterans.’”

Last year, Watier-Lorenzetti presented a four-hour workshop for over 35 Veterans, and she’s already looking forward to returning this August with a new workshop that combines physical, mental, and gut health.

“It’s a nice way for me to help others with the knowledge I’ve gained. I was in human resources for 15 years, so I have experience speaking to crowds. I have to say that these women were truly inspiring. The best crowd I’ve ever had. I have so much admiration for them.”

Hugs all around at the Foundation!

Lorenzetti is Just Getting Started

Bringing the joy of entertainment to Montrealers is paramount for Barry Lorenzetti. In May, MAGJUSJEN Entertainment presented their sold-out dinner-and-a-show staged play of the Oscar nominated 1957 classic 12 Angry Jurors at Maison Principale, directed by Vittorio Rossi.

Lorenzetti’s well-known love of music—with his educational background being in the arts—also comes into play every so often, whether he’s performing live at the Foundation Gala or singing along to Beatles music in the family office.

This love of preserving and sharing culture explains the acquisition of the monthly magazine, The Montrealer. Lorenzetti says “there are many more stories out there to share” for the publication.

The LORENZETTI brand has big plans for the future. Beyond continuing to do incredible work with the Foundation, extensive renovations will be made to the beloved Ristorante Da Vinci, all carried out with the same love and attention that went into the painstaking modernization of Maison Principale.

“Those are the kinds of things our family does,” says Lorenzetti. “Sometimes we’re behind the scenes, but there are also things in this city that are important to us, and that’s the tradition of institutions. Progress is fine, but people need to come first.”

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