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While the very fate of facts is at issue in the contemporary world, it is probably inarguable that we are inhabiting a moment in time pathologically obsessed with youth, on and offline, where people, especially women of a certain age, suddenly find themselves increasingly invisible and purposeless, no matter how much Botox they inject or Ozempic they imbibe.

Enter the internationally beloved face and body of ageless beauty and style, icon Grece Ghanem, who simply, quietly, but with the full force of her petite frame, larger-than-life personality, and unshakable confidence and belief in herself and her worth says to that alleged “incontrovertible fact”: No! (Or non in French, one of the four languages she speaks fluently in addition to Arabic and Spanish.)

For you see, Grece, a fascinating, spirited, and endlessly curious human who hails from her beloved homeland Lebanon, has embraced many vocations along her life’s journey, including microbiologist, trainer, and now model, influencer, fashionality, and entrepreneur, and has never once allowed any societally constructed obstacle (or other nonsense) to stand in the way of her going after exactly what she wants, living her dreams and purpose her way, while staying unapologetically true to herself.

In 2015, she and her talented daughter, Cheyenne El Khoury, with whom she is closely aligned and works in tandem to bring her exceptionally compelling content to life, decided to turn a lifelong passion for fashion and style into a documented hobby, sharing vacation fashion images of Grece snapped by Cheyenne on social media platforms.

While the creative process was certainly enjoyable for both, the two had no idea what they were unleashing. The delicate beauty with a refreshing eclectic style and a signature silver bob soon took the fashion world by storm with their fun and edgy posts, showing women and people of all ages that life doesn’t stop “at a certain age.” It just starts to get interesting if you’re invested and let it happen.

To date, Grece continues to be one of the most desirable fashion stars of our generation and is continually interviewed and profiled by the most major style publications and platforms on the planet, not to mention a recurring front-row guest at the choicest catwalks.

Simultaneously, she and Cheyenne have created a community that not only looks forward to their stylish posts and adventures but is forever inspired by Grece’s beautiful, ageless approach to life.

Grece, in many ways, you have revolutionized the way women of all ages express themselves sartorially. What is your best advice to women in today’s fast-paced, digitized world, where trends seem to change at the speed of light? I want to start by saying that I never thought of establishing rules about how I do or don’t style myself! For me, style, or clothing, is a form of art where I can get away with expressing myself in my truest form. I also believe clothing helps to give us strength when we feel our worst. Yet true glamour is having an opinion, embracing yourself fully, and being courageous and bold. That said, my advice is to buy the item or piece you covet not because anyone else tells you it’s the trend of the season but because it makes you feel empowered. You won’t fail! Also, invest in pieces that are timeless; build a wardrobe of clothes that are versatile, of good quality, and can be passed down through generations. Last but not least, life can sometimes be grey and boring, so why not have fun and experiment when you dress?!

Pants, tank, jacket, and sunglasses LOEWE. Heels and bag ALAÏA. (All Holt Renfrew Ogilvy).

It’s summer, a season of travel and whimsy. What accessories are you excited about and which are accompanying you on vacation? I am excited about sophisticated prints, bold coloured accessories, jewelled sandals, and oversized sunglasses that exude style confidence. I hope to be spending my summer in sunny destinations, ideally along the Mediterranean!

As a fashion icon and style inspiration to legions of followers and admirers across the planet, we can’t help but ask: Who are your inspirations? My curiosity for fashion started at home with my grandmother. I remember dressing up in her clothes and trying on her accessories and jewellery. She remains an inspiration for me to this day. I am also inspired by street style, photography, magazines, nature, and, most of all, art.

Given our status as a party publication with a penchant for entrance-making dressing, if you had to narrow down your top three statement-making pieces, what would they be? First, be fearless and confident. As for the pieces: a statement coat, luxury handbag, or piece of jewellery and a pair of killer heels to top it off!

Dress and sunglasses SAINT LAURENT. Heels ALAÏA. Earrings OSCAR DE LA RENTA. Bag BOTTEGA VENETA. (All Holt Renfrew Ogilvy).

One glance, and it’s clear: there’s a Grece glow. Is that attributable to good genetics and your signature healthy lifestyle, or are there any special products in your beauty arsenal and/or fitness tips we should embrace? After all, you are a certified trainer. Beauty starts on the inside, by taking care of your health, embracing a balanced nutrition and lifestyle, and making a commitment to being active and consistent with your exercise regimen. For myself, the way to go is regular exercise, staying hydrated, drinking lots of water, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats while staying away from artificial sugars. As for my skin, I always learned to take care of it, and I am ever thankful to my mother for that. Your skin has different needs at different stages in life, and the creams and serums required will change. One thing I never give up is my SPF. Also essential to good living, in my opinion, is self-love, taking a moment to listen and nourish my mind and soul, making time for myself by committing to daily workouts, pampering myself with fun trips, and treating myself to a gift I have on my wish list.

Leggings and top PUCCI. Earrings, sunglasses, and heels VERSACE. Bag BOTTEGA VENETA. (All Holt Renfrew Ogilvy).

What is it about fashion that made it such a passion for a student of science at such a young age? As mentioned above, my grandmother was an inspiration for me. I discovered that style, or fashion, is a form of self-expression and fully related to personality. It piqued my curiosity, and the rest is history!

Finally, given that this is our CONNEXION EDITION, underscoring the necessity of human connection against the backdrop of such a challenging landscape, how do you manage to stay grounded and connected to loved ones in a wild world? Kindness, gratitude, and family ties are very important keys to staying human. It’s sometimes easier said than done, but for me, it’s also about keeping an open, positive mindset and choosing to look on the bright side while staying curious, active, and maintaining a sense of humour that connects me to my childhood.

Skirt and top DIRES VAN NOTEN. Heels VERSACE. Earrings KHAITE. Ring VALENTINO. (All Holt Renfrew Ogilvy).
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