We call them “quotable notables” in Diary world and no one is more quotable on the hair front than DANIEL KADOCH, one of the top stylists in the city, if not the planet!

The master recently confided some of his secrets for healthy glossy manes to Diary giving us more reasons to worship at his follicular enhancing altar … 


Don’t over-shampoo and over-condition your hair!

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hair care is overdoing it,” explained the master.

Less is more when caring for your hair which should be washed no more than twice a week, with several days left between washings.

“As for conditioner, a small dime massaged from the middle of the hair shafts to the ends does the trick,” he underscored.

Save your product, save your money, save your hair!



While Daniel is no fan of overdoing product, he is a fan of investing in the right products, and advises all his clients to “go for credible brands that not only stay away from harmful and harsh ingredients that damage hair in the long term (yes, sodium laurel sulphate!) but to do their homework before investing.”

So get Googling before scooping up a line that will not only kill the tresses but waste the hard earned $$! 



Make good cuts a habit.

Whether your hair is fine or thick, curly or straight, one of the biggest differences you’ll make is finding a stylist who knows his/her way around a pair of scissors.

As he says so brilliantly, “the magic is in the snip and can take average looking hair to a whole other level of fabulous.”

So, there you have them Social Gals and Gents; some top tips from our Diary fave DANIEL KADOCH, the gift that keeps on giving.

By Jenn Campbell

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