Like a spa day a deux

DIARY STYLE V-DAY: So yeah Social Gals and Gents, you can jet off to a hot and sunny destination with your Valentine (admittedly more challenging in world pandemic),  stroll on the beach, and indulge in long, gaze-filled dinners, which, admittedly, are not bad ways to mark the sentimental holiday.

You can also send dozens of long-stemmed florals, devotion-filled cards, and get creative with cool gifts, surprises, and adventures that have your honey falling in love all over again. Not too shabby neither.

But in our humble, one of the best ways to rock a V-Day is with a shared day spa escape at the likes of some of our faves, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, Four Seasons Montreal, William Gray and Fairmont. Why? Let us count the ways:

1. First of all, it’s just so easy breezy, and fun to plan. Do a little research on the spas that are best fits for you and your partner and book away. Most spas now book all packages online, and most make the process even easier with special, tailored Valentines plans, intended to make the most of your joint experience.

2. Second, what says love more than indulging ahhh-filled, side-by-side massages in front of a fire, followed by a joint soak in a hot tub, and exhales in saunas and steams? (For this sexy holiday, we prefer the steam, but alas, those are details best left to the couple, wink.)

3. Finally, spa days will not only provide a perfect, stress-erasing backdrop to celebrate all that love, but are gifts that keep on giving, as the effects of the replenishing day linger well into the next week, when perhaps, you both decide to do it all over again …

So there you go Social Gals and Gents, why we love spa days a deux. But, however you spend today, with a lover, family member, dear friend, colleague, canine, or your glorious self, we, on the Diary front, wish one and all the happiest, most fulfilling Valentines Day. Diary loves you much superstars. XXX

By Jenn Campbell

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