On this International Women’s Day, sending out love and strength and admiration and real-deal sisterhood to all the extraordinary women across the planet who go the distance every hour of every day for their families, loved ones, friends and colleagues, who trailblaze, who make the impossible possible, who make superheroes look like amateurs, who give unimaginable new meaning and pow to the term “fixers”, who reinstate the faith when we need it most …

Women, we love you, honor you and would be nowhere without you.

So proud to be one of you…

 Special mention as well – on this especially distressing IWD – to the countless supersheroes in dangerous locales the world over including Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Syria – and many other countries not as routinely spotlighted in the headlines – who, despite a barrage of devastating life and death challenges, continue to tap into deep reserves of courage and tenacity to carry on the fight for freedom, peace, democracy, justice, and equality.


May you be safe and successful in your heroic endeavours and may the world provide all you need to win the battles.


As always, I welcome all comments and shares. Much love and strength.   


By Jenn Campbell

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