Escapism at its buffest ...

‘Course this sequel-loving Social Gal made a beeline to the Magic Mike “round two” the day of its release despite vowing – with vehemence – to hunker down and tackle mountaining paperwork.

But really, can you blame me? Buff sinewy sculpted presque-naked male works-of-human like CHANNING TATUM and JOE MANGANIELLO … or filing and book-keeping.

Exactly. Muscles in thongs won the cognitive dissonance.

As for those 4 incentives to follow in my movie steps; they’re stripped down and ready to roll. Enjoy. 😉

BIG REASON #1. First, If you saw original Magic Mike (and liked it), you can’t help but be downright curious about the fate of the sassy strippers (oops “male entertainers”) that crawled under your skin like they did mine. Questions like “whatever happened to love-to-hate-him ring leader Dallas (aka slimy sexy MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY)” and “whether or not Mike ties the knot” are likely lingering on your respective radar screens. Well loves, all the answers are there for the taking in XXL and won’t disappoint, along with a profusion of potent plot twists and pleasing cameos. Special mention re: the latter goes to ever-gorge ANDIE MACDOWELL for her spot-on portrayal of a sympathetic albeit hungry cougar divorcée with a serious yen for JOE (and his uh genetic blessings) and Diary fave MICHAEL STRAHAN, who killed it in his metallic tighties and unforgettable lap / hip / body dance with an over-the-moon audience member.

BIG REASON #2. Unless you’ve been living in an igloo in Alaska or are a practicing monk in Siberia, you’ve seen the explosion of XXL promos and can’t help but be wondering about the synergy of juicy JADA PINKETT SMITH and the boys. Well my friends, let’s just say there’s a reason – or several – Miss Pinkett keeps it hot for her famous Mr. Smith. That is one entertaining grand dame.

BIG REASON #3. Moving on along … And that dancing though. I honestly didn’t think “Sir slithering bend-so-well Channing” could channel any better sexier moves than the original flick but man, the boy (ahem MAN) and his just-as-cool crew worked it … on work tables .. with glitter … with whipped cream … in Seven-Elevens … on top and under … gorgeous  AMBER HEARD … . Think “male entertaining” like you’ve never seen it before … A glorious acrobatic aphrodisiacal respite from the real world and MAJOR reason in and of itself to lobby for a third instalment of the smile-restoring libido-spiking magic movie.

BIG REASON #4. Finally the smart, funny, at-times heart-hitting banter and all-out devotion between the wildly different bros can’t help but inspire some warm and fuzzy. While male anatomy in all its oomph and splendour is at the core of the XXL pleaser, the true meaning of friendship is in there too, punctuating pumps and grinds, reminding us all that being there for each other is ultimately what counts in the end.

So yeah I REALLY liked the MM sequel and definitely recommend it. Triple thumbs up. 😉

By Jenn Campbell

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