The beauty of bromance

Truth be told, the Entourage flick is a  pretty effen beautiful thing, to quote epic master agent turned studio head ARI GOLD, played so impeccably by king Jeremy Piven. 😉 And so, in honour of all that signature Entourage “beauty”, I proudly share my top 5 reasons Entourage the movie is bucket list must-see territory:

FIRST, the L.A. and global coolscape as background to all the Entourage adventure and high-jinks does the peepers good. Heck if you like fast-paced glam and visually arresting colourful snaps of the world’s most seductive playgrounds a la Ibiza and Beverley Hills, fashion your seatbelts for one spectacular cinematic ride. Brownie points to the Entourage cinematographers for the visgasms like the below yacht situation, aka “The Usher.” ALL GOOD.

SECOND, While the background is a feast for the eyes unto its rich multi-hued self, the film doesn’t lack for human eye candy neither. From ever smoldering and exquisitely expectant baby mama SLOAN MCQUEWICK (Emmanuelle Chriqui) to supermodels EMILY RATAJKOWSKI (playing her Sports Illustrated-worthy self) and a bevy of other beauties like JESSICA ALBA (in a memorable cameo with Ari), male viewers will be throughly pampered while the ladies won’t suffer at the strong hands, wiry bod and melt-your reserve baby blues of actor turned director VINCENT “VINCE” CHASE (Adrian Grenier) and the irresistible charms of lovable boys of summer: a newly svelte and adorable TURTLE (Jerry Ferrara), boy next door turned deliciously naughty ERIC “E” MURPHY (Kevin Connolly) and ever goofy-hilarious JOHNNY “DRAMA” CHASE (Kevin Dillon).

THIRD, the parade of awesome celeb cameos is ridic and so thoroughly entertaining and random including appearances from LIAM NEESEN, producer MARK WAHLBERG, footballer TOM BRADY, KELSEY GRAMMER, the above-mentioned JESSICA ALBA and female fighter ROWDY RHODA ROUSEY, who rocks in a funny and affable turn as Turtle’s feisty albeit sensitive-under-the-sinew love interest.

FOURTH, ARI is a freakin’ rockstar. There’s no one like him on the TVscape anymore and quite frankly, I didn’t realize how much I missed his high-voltage fast-talking profanity-filled banter and one-liners that despite such a generous sprinkling of heavy-handed in-your-face political-incorrectness are well, laugh-out-loud hilarious. No one could possibly use the eff word as expressively or creatively as ARI. That scene in the therapist’s office is going down as legendary, mark my words. But through it all, ARI still manages to tug at the heartstrings with his fierce loyalty to family and friends, doing everything in his power to save Vince and Johnny’s roles in their big movie (a pivotal plot turn) to serving as daddy stand-in at his former assistant LLOYD’s flamboyant Jewish wedding to his soulmate, which Ari also benevolently hosts on the grounds of his decked Beverly Hills manse. (As for the Jewish wedding for the non-Jewish grooms, Ari exclaims thereupon with his usual no nonsene smug: “My house, my G-d.”)

FIFTH (and this last reason is but an extension of #4): the movie has soul with a capital S and all the right values. While viewers will not lack for a big screen fix of bikinis, Ferraris, Escalades, vintage vroom, yachts and hot SHEs and HEs, at the end of the day, the boys from Queens and their close and tight coterie are all about the good stuff, what really matters: LOVE, LOYALTY, FAMILY, and yes FRIENDSHIP in all its vivid and fabulous.

The movie’s slogan is “The ride ain’t over.” Amen to that.

By Jenn Campbell

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