Vous do now after reading this.

Nothing like a little reinvigorating of the English language. For your enjoyment, some of our fave Diaryisms, as illustrated by gifted artist KAREL BELLEVANCE for Diary Vol. 3: 

GLAMAZONS: Genetically gifted specimens with super height and super metabolisms, referred to in mainspeak as models.
THE RADIFIED: The style enlightened (like Lady Gaga) who have discovered the wonders of clothing and accessories designed by RAD HOURANI.
FASHIONALITIES: Lovers of fashion who dare to experiment with personal style, using it to express themselves in the best way.
FASHITUDE: Fierce attitude possesssed (seemingly effortlessly) by fashionalities.
DIARYSTAS: Social Gals who like to dress.
BALMAINIA: Our at times irrational worship of all things Balmain.
MCQUEENIES: Die hard devotees of the house of McQueen.
DIARYSTOS: Social Gents who like to dress.
By Jenn Campbell

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