WONDER WOMEN UNITE:  A huge congratulations to mountain-moving MTAC founder/CEO Dr. Tamara Gafoor and her indefatigable circle of supporters and board members – that I’m proud to be among – Dr. Audrey Dadoun, Carlie Déjoie, Marianne Dempsey-Nunez, Val Desjardins, Keisha Gafoor, Dr. Debra Heilpern, Kim Heilpern, Madelaine Kojakian, Tatiana Londono, Katia Piccolino, Dr. Ipshita Prakash, Alex Shiller, Brittany ShillerVanessa Strzelecki and Dr. Stephanie Wong on the occasion of the first inaugural benefit event, generating a very impressive $50,000 plus.  

While the recent sold-out event at La Bullerie was itself a study in event fabulosity – offering guests a gaggle of farm fresh culinary delights and one-of-a-kind good schmooze, what resonated most in the Fall phenomenon of a room were the compelling stories shared by cancer survivors, advocates, and experts alike that shed impactful light on the challenging and incredibly courageous journeys experienced by so many in the fight, including Tamara herself.

Indeed, it was that same recent and altogether unexpected battle with breast cancer as a young physician and wife that inspired the unstoppable force of nature to get directly involved in the fight with the launch of her own non-profit initiative More Than a Cure (MTAC), carefully designed in collaboration with a pack of professionals to do everything in its power to make a difference for others facing similar challenges to Tamara’s, while experiencing myriad additional life hurdles.

To that end, MTAC remains wholly dedicated to making a substantial impact in the fight against breast cancer by providing vital financial support and essential resources to women undergoing breast cancer treatment in need of assistance.

For more on the MTAC mission, head to

For a feel of the magic and compassion that permeated every fibre of the spirited autumnal event, see below, all courtesy of Moetreal. For the complete gallery:


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