Celebrating 20 years in grand style

KELLY RIPA is an ardent fan, as are other international celebs. There’s just something magical about Ferreira Café; so magical that in a world careening at the speed of light, where today’s go-to trend is yesterday’s fad and restaurants pop up faster than we can pronounce their stylized monikers, this family run and established gem featuring the finest Portuguese cuisine—Kudos to founder and head honcho CARLOS FERREIRA and his dream team including daughter, operations chief SANDRA FERREIRA and master chef JOÃO DIAS—has managed to stay relevant and fabulous for 20 years! And speaking of fabulous, there is no better superlative to describe the 20th anniversary soirée, VINGT The Grand Ferreira Party, that also, as is tradition, raised sizable funds for Ste-Justine Hospital’s Foundation, taking their cumulative tally to over a million. Impressive stuff. Photography KAREL CHLADEK


By Jenn Campbell

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