1. Social Gals wanna know … How close to burlesque is the beloved namesake flick starring Christina Aguilera?

“Burlesque is not like the movie with Miss Aguilera, though there are similarities. When delving deeper into the meaning of  the art, it’s fair to say Burlesque is much more than a cabaret of pretty girls dancing a set choreography. At its core, burlesque is the art of seduction, of the peel, where the journey matters more than the destination. The message of Burlesque, the way I like to share it, empowers women. All women are beautiful which, in turn translates into a large variety of styles, colours  shapes, cultures, and disciplines that animate the Burlesque stage. Throughout however, women of Burlesque are in full possession of their bodies, femininity, sensuality, and self expression. So many good things to say on the topic … !!


  1. Generally, how do dancers stay fit and toned?

“The burlesque artists will do – or not do – anything to stay in shape lol. This is not a fitness or beauty contest. I like to train. In fact, I’m a certified yoga teacher, I Dance … It is really personal to each artist. Some include circus in their acts, so they have to follow that training… And some are sword swallowers. It’s a diverse space.” 


  1. What is traditional garb when dancers go on stage?

“Burlesque Dancers and their costumes are long and deep love stories! In order to peel, one needs layers! Therefore, you will find a large array of styles and astounding creativity permeating throughout. Classic pieces include corsets, gloves, stockings, g-strings, pasties (nipple covers often featuring dangling tassels), high heels, feather boas, fans … as well as giant stage props. On that front, I routinely incorporate myriad oversized props including a giant cake, champagne glass, bathtub, carousel horse and more! To further immerse viewers in the experience, we routinely match costumes to props, often with an arguably over-the-top number of rhinestones … !!”



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