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Exuding natural flair and charisma, Montreal Alouette Marc-Antoine Dequoy is clearly as comfortable off the field as he is on it, styled to perfection in a bespoke summer suit by SARTORIALTO. We teamed up with the professional athlete for an exclusive shoot and chat, just off the Alouettes recent exciting return of the Grey Cup to Montreal in 2023.

Marc-Antoine, sports allow us to connect in a way that transcends differences. Football, especially, is a sport beloved by many. Can you speak to what it’s like to be at the center of this connection? Win or lose, how does it feel that thousands in the crowd are rooting for you? The feeling a crowd gives you during a football match is something very unique and special. You can feel an energy in the air.

As a proud Quebecer, what does it mean to you to play for Montreal on a national level? I am truly honoured and grateful to be able to play for my city as an Alouettes player. It’s something I will never take for granted.

Congratulations on your Grey Cup win! That’s an extraordinary achievement and the culmination of much hard work and dedication. How did it feel to be part of the team that overcame a thirteen-year Grey Cup drought? That moment was something I dreamed of as a young child. I’ve been a fan of this football team [the Alouettes] since 2002, and I always hoped to have that feeling of winning a Grey Cup as a player. I’ll never forget that moment of raising the cup over my head.

You’ve given so much to football—what has football given to you? Playing professionally, are there particular skills or les- sons you’ve learned over the years? The most important lesson football has taught me is how to overcome adversity. Winning is good, but losing is knowledge. I’ve learned so much from my mistakes and some of the hardened losses in my career.

By Jenn Campbell

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