Once again, the beloved Annual ICRF Women Of Action Luncheon made impact with its grand return to a traditional live format at Le Windsor, wowing the sold out crowd with the power and gravitas of the inspiring speakers of action and beautiful luncheon event.

Prestigious honourees recognized in 2022 included Anzie Stein, founder and owner of Anzie Stein Jewelry, Catherine Melling Turner, esteemed community leader, volunteer and philanthropist and Dr. Sara Soldera, Assistant Director of Clinical Research at the Charles-Le Moyne Research Center.

Keynote speaker was Hayley Arceneaux, a pediatric bone cancer survivor who dedicated her life to cancer research after overcoming her personal battle. Currently a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital physician assistant, Arceneaux was also a member of SpaceX’s first private spaceflight in September 2021, making her the youngest American to orbit the earth, the first pediatric cancer survivor in space, and the first astronaut with a prosthetic body part. She is also a newly published author, having released her memoir just last month.

Power to the dream team who brought the event to life: co-chairs Alana Wexler Schwartz, Jenna Schwartz and Alexandra Shiller,  honourary chairwomen Anne-Marie Boucher and Debra Margles and committee members, Dale Boidman, Jillian Climan, Lauren Forman, Sophie Lafleche, Olivia Levy, Laura Scheim, Ellen Schreter, Brittany Shiller, Joanna Stein and Stephanie Zucker. 

An impressive $285,000 was raised for cancer research.  “Our mission is to fund the best and brightest Israeli scientists and every dollar raised will hopefully bring these scientists one step closer to end the suffering caused by cancer,” said a beaming Jordanna Feifer, president, ICRF. “I cannot thank the women of Montreal, our incredible committee and our deserving honourees enough for coming together, once again to support ICRF.”

Many thank to ICRF Montreal CEO, Stu Guttman for his support and coordination with this article.





By Jenn Campbell

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