Sometimes, the coolest thing you can do for a Halloween costume is to go minimal on the costume and big on the face. Enter these four inspirations that just may take you into scene-stealing territory.

Happy scary-chic, Social Gals and Gents … 



Instagram has been all over the pixelated trend, which, as it turns out, isn’t as hard to achieve as it looks. Though, to be honest, we’d say take a load off and make an appointment with your fave makeup guru, who will likely take on the challenge with gusto while you just reap the rewards of his /her mastery …





Who said paintings were just for walls, galleries and museums? Get out of the comfort zone and let your face be the canvas for all kinds of strokes of genius …




My dear friend, young designing master JESSY COLUCCI (of Process Visual fame) has a major thing for glitter faces, which not only make a huge impact, but are insanely easy to do … All that’s required is a swipe of vaseline in desired spots or for the bold among us: ALL OVER THE FACE. May the glitter be with you.





Who knew but creepy can be cute, as these inspiration photos clearly indicate. So don’t be scared to amp up the monster vibes, all the while ensuring that eyelashes are still superfluttery and hair your usual trendy and flattering:


Kay, you get the drift. Makeup can make all the diff this Halloween …

By Jenn Campbell

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