No I’m not going to go into vivid detail about every post-cleanse benefit and/or all the science involved. There’s enough of that good stuff in my first cleanse post.

What I am going to touch upon are the TOP 3 reasons I loved this cleanse:

First, the SATIETY. Be it the number/potency/or combination of the nutrients contained in the juices, for the fist time in a long time, I felt FULL. Like really full. Despite sitting at mega dinners and attending and covering events with a ton of fine food and wine, I wasn’t the least bit tempted (which for me, who usually loses any vestiges of self control at the sight of flowing bubbly and naughty carbs, was an extraordinary feat; absolutely fabulous, a gift from above).

Second, the EASE and FACILITY. We don’t realize it but planning meals isn’t always a cinch, especially when health and nutrition top the agenda. And so, in that respect, this juice fest was a veritable dream. Simply grab one of the fresh delicious juices from the fridge (all conveniently delivered to your door), pop open a bottle and enjoy. Even better: Every possible grade-A organic raw good-for-you ingredient was already infused into each magic potion. Pure genius.

Finally, the RESULTS. After just three days of cleansing I feel like a new me. Not only has a little winter padding gone by the wayside (tummy side?!), but the much-talked-about juice glow has made a much-appreciated appearance. I also feel super energetic, calmer, more focused and NOT in desperate need of my old dependents: carbs and sugar.

In summ, the juice life is a good life, and I would highly recommend it to all. To order and/or secure more info, go to: JUSPUR.COM.

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