It’s that hectic crazy pre-holiday time of year that admittedly provokes all kinds of dreaded stress. Why not pick up and recharge for a couple to the easy breezy, oh-so chic Artist’s Retreat in Venice beach where perfecting the cool California getaway is their art? 😉

Whether signing on for a weekend pick-me-up or more extended stay, you’ll start your mornings (usually sunny) with a steaming mug of java on the spacious terrace before heading out to the famed boardwalk to indulge some serious people watching (and no one does that sport quite like Venice beach.)

Next on your magnificently wide open-no-plans-for-the-day day, perhaps a leisurely bike ride along the beach … that is, until the hot tub calls you home for an early evening dip (glass of champagne in hand, naturally).

Feeling refreshed and Zen, you might then decide to hit the town (or hive in your gorgeous celeb-worthy surroundings). But if it’s the town: We’re especially loving Eveleigh on Sunset Strip right now for its farm-to-table cuisine and hawt hipster clientele.

Still have some energy left before bed? Invite the crew over for starlit cocktails … and maybe anothr dip. Ahhh decisions. 😉 

Presented every #TRAVELTUESDAY in partnership with the homegrown travel aficionados at LUXURY RETREATS (yes a Diary obsession). 

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