Yes, Social Gals and Gents, it can be a jungle out there in skincare world, with each day bringing with it a seemingly endless stream of new ads and endorsements for miracle regimens, creams, ingredients. Which to use? In what order?!

Even wonkier: Some of the simple things you do every day without thinking, can be sabotaging your skincare.

The good news: Diary has your back, thanks to the following five daily regimen faux-pas:

1. DITCH THE BOTTLES: While no one’s doubting how hydrating water consumption is for the skin, restoring much-needed moisture from within, most (sadly) are wholly unaware of the very negative repercussions of  drinking directly from a bottle. Believe it or not, that simple act we all indulge on a regular basis can be a major contributor to the formation of wrinkles around the mouth. Yeah those lovely lines. So the next time you’re looking to H20, be sure to do so from a glass.

2. SLATHER SUNSCREEN EVERYWHERE: Sure, wearing sunscreen on the face is a great start towards combatting aging and maintaining youthful, healthy skin, but that’s not the only part of the bod exposed to the sun’s harmful, damaging rays. The rest of you is equally susceptible to harm. The solution: Go for full-on SPF application every AM. Longterm, your temple will thank you! Bonus: Skin will be uniformly hued with no annoying darker and lighter zones.

3. LOVE THE LUKE: Of course, we all love to linger in hot, steamy showers, especially when temperatures drop. However, the deal is lingering too long in such conditions rids the skin of vital natural oils, causing dry, itchy sitches. While admittedly not as gratifying, lukewarm water is much kinder to skin, as is keeping spray time shorter.

4. SLOW THE EXFOLIATE RATE: Ahhh, the joys of sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal newer, healthier, fresher skin beneath! But even exfoliation can be a no-no if done to excess. Try to keep the urge to slough to a minimum, stopping at once to twice a week, max.

5. CATCH THE ZZZs: Finally, don’t skimp on nature’s greatest skin refresher: sleep! Despite increasingly busy and hectic schedules, causing many to give in to the temptation to maximize precious time by sacrificing sleep, in the end, productivity will not be optimized, and your skin will be seriously affected, deprived of all that key cell-rebuilding and replenishing.

So there ya have em loves, 5 simple things to keep in mind that will make some sizeable skin impacts in the future. Hey gorgeous you! 😉  



Who knew?

We’re about to change the way you look in the mirror forever, that is the HiMirror, a technovation in beauty that came about because Simon Shen, the CEO of a prominent Taiwanese electronics group, wanted to create a product that would get his wife more excited about his industry.

Mission accomplished. The HiMirror is a genius invention, currently living its best self as the HiMirror Plus, that revolutionizes the way we reflect.

In fact, this revered enhancing gadget, with built-in security protection for the paranoid inclined (like yours truly), not only has the ability, via up-to-the-minute LED technology, to simulate five different lighting scenarios that will (literally) reflect your given destination at a particular time (sunset, restaurant/party, shopping/supermarket, bright office, and outdoor/sunny), but can actually analyze skin problems and track progress, on a day-to-day and month-to-month basis, thereby enabling  efficacious analysis of which products and regimens work best for you.


Developed in conjunction with beauty professionals and dermatologists, the mirror assesses and tracks individual skin conditions, from dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines, red and dark spots, and more, offering effective skin care plans based on the results of the Skin Index Synthesis.

While the information is intended for personal reference only, and is not intended to replace a medical diagnosis, it sure as heck ups the ante of any of the boring old mirrors we gaze into now! 😉

Moreover, in addition to the above, the new plus version enables users to add up to six individuals, provides considerably more photo storage than the original (seven times more to be exact: 14,000), has enhanced wireless capacity, and even allows for syncing with the iPhone and other Shen inventions, like the Smart Body Scale.

I don’t know about you Social Gals and Gents, but my husband envy just went up. What does smart Simon have up his sleeve next? #Can’tWait #HappyWifeHappyLife. 😉

For more on the smartest mirror in town, and its superstar sister products, click HERE. 




So yeah Social Gals and Gents, breakouts aren’t just for teens and tweens. Sadly, they can plague us grown-ups too, well into adulthood, and have us battling the sexy combo of what might best be termed wrimples, the not so adorable love child of wrinkles and pimples.

That said, I’ve recently fallen upon an approach that seems to be effective in fighting the breakout war, while simultaneously proffering admirable side benefits like a leaner, meaner bod, thanks to some solid weight loss, and on the face front: a glowier, more vibrant complexion.

Interestingly, this regimen focuses more on what we feed the temple, rather than the slew of creams and potions we administer on the outside, and comes courtesy of one of my favourite health aficionados, Dr. Mercola, directly from his site, in his own words. ‘Hope it’s as effective for you as it has been for me. Buh-bye face-polluters! 


You Can Take Control of Your Skin Health

Remember, your complexion is a reflection of your overall health. Don’t forget to incorporate these essential factors into your acne-busting plan:

  • Sugars and Grains: This is probably the single most important step you can take to improve your skin health.  If you can eliminate all sugars and grains for a few weeks, there is a major likelihood you will notice rapid improvement in your complexion. Grains are found in natural whole foods such as beans, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. Although beans, nuts, and grains contain more nutritive value than simple carbohydrates, you will need to limit them if acne is a problem for you.
  • Water: Drink plenty of fresh, pure water every day. Hydrating your body facilitates cell growth and regeneration, elimination of wastes, and sloughing away dead skin cells. Hydration will also improve your skin tone.

Every day, drink enough water so that your urine is a pale yellow color. If your urine is bright yellow, you probably need to drink more water (unless you take B vitamins, which themselves turn urine bright yellow).

  • Exercise: Getting plenty of high-intensity exercise helps your body flush out toxins, including those in your skin’s pores. Plus, exercise is vitally important to all other aspects of your health. If you happen to have access to an infrared sauna, this can be helpful, because the more you sweat, the more you flush unwanted debris and contaminants out of your pores.
  • Sleep: Did you know that a good night’s sleep can decrease your stress and lead to clearer skin? Your body’s time for healing and rebuilding is at night while you sleep, and this applies to your skin. Sleep is also required for good energy and mood.
  • Proper balance of bacteria: This is especially important if you have been on antibiotics, because those drugs indiscriminately kill off the beneficial bacteria in your gut, without which you cannot have a strong immune system. You can reestablish your bacterial balance by taking a high quality probiotic supplement, and by incorporating naturally fermented/cultured foods into your diet.
  • Vitamin D: This important nutrient is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune response, and most people are deficient in it. Without adequate vitamin D, your body cannot control infection, in your skin or elsewhere. Exposing large areas of your skin to appropriate amounts of sunshine is the best way to optimize your vitamin D levels, or use a safe tanning bed. You should expose your skin until you just barely begin turning pink, which indicates you’ve generated the optimal amount of vitamin D for the day.

If you don’t have access to regular UV exposure, the next best thing is an oral vitamin D supplement, accompanied by regular monitoring of your vitamin D levels with a blood test.

If you change your diet and lifestyle in the ways I’ve recommended, you can expect significant improvement in the health and appearance of your skin. Plus, those same strategies will lead to improvements in your overall health, as well as relieving your bank account of expensive acne drugs that don’t offer any real or lasting solution to your skin’s woes.

Remember lifestyle changes are not a “quick fix,” but over the long run, they reap endless rewards!