Because It’s good and good for you 😉

Sometimes (like when you’ve pigged out all weekend and been a very naughty gal on the carb consumption front, AHEM), you need to eat really ultra clean and feel like the nutrients that are going in are literally revitalizing and neutralizing the naughty of days past.

For “times like that”, enter “The Green Supreme.”

A simple blend of mixed greens to taste (I love spinach, romaine, kale and arugula), this mean green power machine not only tastes fabulous bathed in my favourite Bio Source Basil House Dressing (or your personal healthy fave) but does quite a number on the healthification and detoxification of the temple.

Between the big four varieties (four is more lol), you’re literally flooding the bod with alkaline encouraging, low glycemic, Omega 3, vitamin and iron-rich detoxifiers, good for every lucky little cell in your body.

Optimal for weight loss too, given the high fiber content.

So what are you waiting for? Whip up the GS right now and let the french fried guilt melt into a distant memory.  😉


  • Bunches of preferred greens  to taste
  • Healthy dressing to taste