30 meter Pool on Level 2


Having one of those days?

Diary and Luxury Retreats to the rescue with a little fodder for your imagination, or better yet, your next life escape …

Picture this: A stunning classic Greek 9 bedroom villa built into a bucolic hillside with gobsmackingly gorgeous views of the sea and neighboring islands, equipped with a staff of chef, host and housekeeper, well-positioned to eliminate any stress or power-planning, except of course your next gourmet meal or cocktail. 😉

Terraces, infinity pools, beach clubs, and a private spa surround, as do charming coves and oceanfront tavernas.

Heaven reinvented for the modern traveller.

Nah, you shouldn’t wake up. But you should start booking … 

VILLA OF THE WEEK: Presented every #TRAVELTUESDAY in partnership with the homegrown travel aficionados at LUXURY RETREATS (yes a Diary obsession).




40 metre Pool on Level 6




40 meter Pool on level 6




40 metre pool on level 6 with sculpture (Diapason by Silvio) 40 metre pool on level 6