If you’re wondering who was crazy and passionate enough to launch Diary in the first place, she is me, JENN (JENNIFER when I misbehave) CAMPBELL, all dolled up for the photo opp in the pic you clicked. (No, not my pre-workout look TG, we don’t want to scare you).

And speaking of scary, though the creation and launch of the brand four years ago was a longtime dream (bucket list check) it was – aspiring editors and publishers be forewarned – a considerably more challenging and at times scarier venture than I’d initially thought, back when contemplating the move from my safer / cozier perches as social columnist for Montreal’s leading English daily, The Montreal Gazette (still proudly there) and longtime contributor to Hello! Canada magazine and other publications and sites.

Careful what you wish for? Still nope. Despite rollercoaster twists, turns, and a sprinkling of unsavory characters I’d have preferred not to encounter (look for their fictional alter egos in Diary the novel), I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything, even Channing Tatum. 😉 It’s opened up extraordinary new worlds and worlds of opportunity, sent incredible and incredibly creative humans my way and underscored time and again that the impossible is possible and most importantly, how soul-enriching it feels to bring entertaining and enlightening original content to readers and visitors. Making people smile is pretty heady stuff.

Which brings me to this site, the proud launch of our Gen 3. For awhile in preparation of it, I got lost in a sea of well-intending experts, friends and family who couldn’t help but up the “shoulding” (you “should” focus on SEO, you “should” stay niche, you “should” nurture the EComm etc) until one day, struggling for air under all that mountainous advice, lightning struck: What really matters on this platform and for the brand as a whole is creating cool stuff we can be proud of that in turn, fingers crossed, generates more value and smiles on your side.

And so, treasured Diary visitors and readers, may our latest party posts, drink recipes, Social Gal Secrets, villa escapes, quotage and overall antics bring a little value to your worlds … and more frequently than not, turn your mouth corners towards the sky. 😉

With so much love and humour always (or why bother),

xxxxxxxxx Jenn

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